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You crack me up little buddy

Any less she's just a normal gal who needs a bucks for a fuck.
Drop the Hammer -Go as fast as you can Drop the hammer down -Same as above Dropped a carrier -Keyed the microphone to prevent someone else to talk Dropped it off the shoulder- Ran off the side of the highway Duck Plucker -Obscene term Dusted.
I read a few pages and just stuck them out of sight.
The greater number of "pills the larger the amplifier.OW - Old woman.I'm a top ranking cop.Clean Cat- An unmodified rig Clean Shot -Road ahead is free of obstructions, construction, and police Clean as a hounds tooth -Same as clean shot Cleaner channel- Quieter channel Lets find a cleaner channel to talk on Clear- Final transmission "This is 505 and.Kitty Cat - Catepilar powered tractor.

(i.e.- "My 20 is or "Whats your twenty?
Jingle - To contact a CBer via the telephone.
They sent you to the Police Academy over next to Dodger Stadium.
Hams refer to this as a "Band opening".
Smokey - State Police Smokey Bear - State Police Smokey report - Police location report.Tx - Transmit.C.B.T.A.I think she ended up out at the Chicken Ranch in can crack kill you Vegas run by that fat guy.Red Lighted - Police with someone pulled over.I listened, because I know he had a story to tell, but I too had to pay the price.Out there, in the Thicket, there were swampy stretches, creeks and timber so compact a squirrel couldnt run through it without aid of a machete.