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Tinchy stryder game over song

In the behind-the-scenes of the video, it explains how some of the artists got involved with Tinchy Stryder and "Game Over".
Live performances edit The song was performed live at BBC Radio 1Xtra Live 4 and at the mobo Awards 2010.
Ghetts, Slix, Griminal, Dot Rotten, Fuda Guy, Wretch 32, Roachee, Maxsta Tinchy Stryder, can be found with a video.
I ain't got time to waste, get it?
Lock me up I'm high risk offender, make a man turn on his own team like an Irish defender, I'm a rhyming inventor, I'm climbing the heights you're not meant.There's something about.And make pros eat their words.Well I ain't ever gonna run out of lip.At first, Green was unsure of doing it because he was ill and busy.He replied: "Personally I liked Giggs' verse the most.

I got a big pit-bull and.
I'll talk, when it's time to get that shopping sorted.
Try and act up, them man address it, call it pop in that place.I try to relax, but these days a buyers a max, When a lie would be nice.Try get hype on my face, get it?I don't even think I stopped this morning, I'm that nigga that usually gets them what's it calls.And now it's game over!I open my mouth, niggas panic These jewels are liabilities and I'm the asset, Underdogs are barking up!Stop the lecture, drop the pressure, never say never but never the lesser.They're like "How the fuck d'you afford this place?".(Anyone know what the collective noun for a gathering of UK MCs is?Verse 2: Professor Green, i'm heavy, I'm colder, better me?Yeah I like that whip, because I'm on the bands, only reason I ain't dropped that forty.Oh, this Armani blazer, bitch I got imported.First place, first place, first place!Third strike, ford 9n service manual pdf my clouds are black.No lies, I run out of it, I'll admit I'm out of it, ain't something I'm prepared to do, I'm not ever gonna run out of lip, here's something I prepared for you.