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Sun fire v890 manual

sun fire v890 manual

Sun Fire X4200 servers, sun Fire is a series of server computers introduced in 2001 by, sun Microsystems (since 2010, part.
In 2004, these early Intel Xeon models were superseded by models powered by AMD.
Although not officially supported, some.Sun Fire model range edit Some servers were produced in two versions, the original version and a later RoHS version.PDF, sun Fire V890 Server Product Note - Supplemental.Sun Fire V890 Server Rackmounting Guide.For other uses, see.Later T-series servers have also been badged sparc Enterprise rather than Sun Fire.Also in 2004, Sun introduced Sun Fire servers powered by the.In 2007, Sun, Fujitsu and Fujitsu Siemens introduced the common sparc Enterprise brand for server products.

Sparc -based Sun Fire systems were produced until 2010, while x86-64 based machines were marketed until mid-2012.
Later Sun blade systems were sold under the Sun Blade brand.
The z suffix was also used previously to differentiate the V880z Visualization Server variant of the V880 server.
In 2007, Sun again introduced Intel Xeon Sun Fire servers, while continuing to offer the AMD Opteron versions as well.Linux versions are also available from third parties, as well.Html, pDF, sun Fire V890 Server Diagnostics Guide.Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.PDF, sun Fire V490/V890 Servers with 2100MHz CPU/Memory Modules Supplement.Solaris operating system versions 8, 9, and.Model nomenclature edit Sun Fire T2000 (top) Later Sun Fire model numbers have prefixes indicating the type of system, thus: V : entry level and mid-range rackmount and cabinet vocabulary english in use upper-intermediate pdf servers (Ultrasparc, IA-32 or AMD64) E : high-end enterprise class cabinet servers with high-availability features (Ultrasparc).X4440 2 cities xl keygen programs 4 AMD Opteron 8218, 8222, GB 8x SAS.5" or 6x sata.5" X4450 Argo 2 4 Intel Xeon E7220, L7345, E7320, E7340, X7350 128 GB 8x SAS.5" or 6x sata.5" X4500 Thumper 4 2 AMD Opteron 285, 290.PDF, site Planning Guide For Entry-Level Servers, Version.4.Html, pDF, sun Remote System Control (RSC).2.3 Release Notes.1 2 Intel Xeon 5160, L5310, L5320, E5345, E5355, E5335, E5410, E5440 64 GB 8x SAS.5" X4170 1 2 Intel Xeon 5500 series 144 GB 8 sata/SAS.5" 2009 X4170 M2 1 2 Intel Xeon 5600 series 144 GB 8 SAS.5" 2010 X4200.Sun's first-generation blade server platform, the Sun Fire B1600 chassis and associated blade servers, was branded under the Sun Fire server brand.In mid-2012, Oracle Corporation ceased to use the Sun Fire brand for new server models.