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Star wars: episode vii (2015)

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015 this an episode IV remake disguised as a psp x studio crack chomikuj new episode 22 December out of 14 users found this review helpful.
And the most important flaw, the villain sucks).
Is the same episode IV again, like the JJ's star trek reboot.
But not a decent starwars.The movie its not even epic.The last batlle and duel are just dull.The new cast and the new orange yoda are just souless The old cast its OK but with very few screen time.It happens all the same with some minor differences and without the original magic.And Skyewalker its a joke, it only appears for 10 seconds and does not even speak.

Is a good movie, may be one es of best ones of 2015.
Star, wars : Episode, vII, star, wars : Episode, vII - The Force Awakens.
The Epic Anti-Spoiler Poster on the Star, wars : Episode, vII Set.
Star, wars : Episode, vII - The Force Awakens.
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