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Ps3 hdmi crackle noise

Hello, it seems it's an older problem (or so Google says but after a year maybe I can solve this, had this problem from the windows server 2012 r2 iso with crack day I bought them (was.3 maybe?
I have changed the hdmi cable, but both cables I have work perfectly fine with my Xbox 360 so I'd guess it's not the cable that's faulty.
For now I can't do that anymore, as I had to install a 1200W PSU to deal with the 700W spikes (for the 2 cards).Dumb, i know - here's my troubleshoot.THE "solutions" that have failed to help.If caused by a power surge/failure, no other electronics in the home were damaged and the TV/PS3 is connected to a power strip/surge protector, although probably not a very good one.If anyone suggests holding down the power button on the PS3 until the 2nd beep, I'll know you didn't bother to read this far.Since starting windows 7 final 64 bit iso this post and in anticipation of the most obvious advice, I went one step further.It's hard to isolate the prob using the madden12 demo issue due to the fact that i'm completely dependant upon the ps3 to do my test.

If it's touted as a solution on every forum, then I've tried.
The exact symptoms of the failure seems to change just about every time I try it but common elements are no signal, black screen, pixaleted noise, pixelation over picture, and every once in a while a few (rare) seconds of clear video.
The other day I went to play a game and had to do an update.Will get a molex to floppy adapter if this doesn't work.Once the game had actually loaded it was perfectly fine.Resetting the PS3/resetting the video settings/trying many different display configurations (just about everything short of completely formatting the hard drive).The rendered the XBM screen (at 1080p) 100 reliable, whereas before it would show up sometimes and sometimes not (at which point I briefly used a composite cable).Here's the quirk, and the reason i stated the prob is "the relationship w/ the ps3 and your TV" above - because if i take the ps3 with the same hdmi to the panasonic viera 42" plasma downstairs, i have no issue w/ the crackling.Any further input would be appretiated - like an alternate ps3 test or another media format other than the flash drive.I just put a game in my PS3 console and it started to load and then the screen started going weird.So it was kind of a more generalized problem.Code: linux-hpbh discrete time signal processing 2nd edition pdf zip # cat /etc/os-release, nAMEopensuse, version"13.1 (Bottle version_ID"13.1".