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Modular disk storage manager client

modular disk storage manager client

The storage array password is specified by using the -c parameter and the set session passwordpassword command.
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Enterprise Servers, Japanese and Simplified Chinese are not supported.(angle brackets) occurrence exceeds maximum limit of 30 characters (a b c) bold choose only one of the alternatives terminals SMcli host-name-or-ip-address host-name-or-ipaddress -c "command; command2 -n storage-array-name -w wwid -o outputfile-p password-e-s SMcli host-name-or-ip-address host-name-or-ip-address -f scriptfile -n storage-array-name -w wwid -o outputfile -p.Include description, all Listings, browse related, dell Enterprise Storage Disk Arrays.File Storage Manager - exchange data between your PC and your GMX File Storage.Note: By default, any errors encountered when running the script commands in a file are ignored, and the file continues to run.VbqcycLWd3Gg Dynamic Disk Pools Technical Report: Tags: dell.For example: -c "set storagearray userlabel"engineering where Engineering is the storage array name.

3 Reboot the host.
See the User s Guide, which describes the Storage Manager software that is used to create and manage multiple storage arrays.
A Use to add a storage array to the configuration files.
22 About the Command Line Interface 23 Table 1-2.Interactive mode enables you to connect to a specific storage array and rapidly enter a command, determine the effect on the storage array, and then enter a new command.Txt in the directory specified by the system property devmgr.Add or delete Simple Network Management Protocol (snmp) trap destinations and alert notifications.For more information on contacting Dell, see the "Getting Help" chapter of the Hardware Owner's Manual. 588 Freeware.For additional information, see the hardware and software manuals that shipped with your system.