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Manual tilt/telescoping steering column

This allows the crack argentum backup 2.50 driver to experience less discomfort while using a vehicle not suited to his height or proportions.
This feature allows you to tilt the steering oase filtoclear 30000 manual column upward or downward.
Return the lever to its original position to secure the wheel.The telescope function is adjusted by moving the wheel toward the driver to telescope out and toward the instrument panel to telescope. .Overhead console (IF equipped the appearance of your vehicles overhead console will vary according to your option package.Without the steering column, the steering wheel's movements do not transfer into a change in the angle of the vehicle's primary turning system, such as the wheels of a car or the rudder of a boat.Installing a garage door opener (if equipped the storage compartment can be converted to accommodate a variety of aftermarket garage door openers: 2007 Focus (foc owners Guide (post-2002-fmt uSA (fus).A telescopic steering column is a part which allows adjustments to the steering wheel to tilt towards or away from the driver for personal comfort and ease of use.Storage compartment, press the latch to open the storage compartment.The purpose of this is primarily comfort, although some telescopic steering columns also serve a safety function in keeping the driver in the appropriate position when the airbag deploys.To lock the steering column in position, pull the control handle up until fully engaged.Like adjustable seats, telescopic steering columns are either powered by the car or adjusted entirely by the user's hand.A telescopic steering column is a tubular steering column which slides up and down within itself to contract and expand.It also allows you to lengthen or shorten the steering column.

Some steering columns also often include a steering lock that prevents the car's wheels from turning when the key is not in the ignition.
Failure to follow this warning may result in serious injury or death.
The steering column is the piece that attaches the steering wheel to the internal steering mechanism of the vehicle.Tech Tips, if the bushings are missing or damaged, replace the electric power steering column sub-assembly with a new one.To tilt the steering column, move the steering wheel upward or downward as desired.Always place both hands opposite each other to adjust.To unlock the steering column, pull the control handle down.

The tilt/telescoping control handle is located on the steering column, below the turn signal lever.
Never adjust the steering wheel when the vehicle is moving.
Tilt AND telescope steering column (IF equipped pull the locking lever down to adjust and telescope the steering column position. .