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Manual sheet metal stamping machine

CNC Auto Metal Sheet V-grooving Machine Operating Instruction PLC Touch Screen Operation Method Start the V-grooving machine Open the air switch on the right side of the electricity box and then open the key switch on the front panel.
It can be seen that with the deep understanding of the V-grooving bend forming technology, the application field of this technology will be broader.
Such a curved workpiece can meet the special needs of high-end decoration in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, shopping malls, bank and airports.
It is classified according to its temperature of rolling.Deep drawing may also be accomplished with fewer reductions by heating the workpiece, for example in sink manufacture.Water jet sleeping dogs save game ps3 cutting add pdf to scanner and camera wizard edit Main article: Water jet cutting A water jet cutter, also known as a waterjet, is a tool capable of a controlled erosion into metal or other materials using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure, or a mixture.It will keep going back and forth until finish all the grooving line.The #1 distance refers to the vertical distance from the 1st groove to the initial point.0.010 (0.25).2031 (5.16).1943 (4.94).For better understand the press brake machine, you can refer.However, if the grooving machine has stopped for more than two days, or if the position is not correctly caused by some other circumstances, the function of returning to the origin should be performed first after electrification to ensure the normal operation of the machine.Tool holder down means to move the tool holder down manually.Double Headers, aFT Tabletop, t-Welder TWX, fanuc Integration.Gantry (Horizontal) V Grooving Machine.Deep drawing edit Main article: Deep drawing Example of deep drawn part Drawing is a forming process in which the metal is stretched over a form or die.

The touch screen enters the initial screen after a delay of three seconds.
It can make V-shaped grooves for materials such as stainless steel sheet, iron plate and copper plate.
The beam immediately moves back to the next groove and repeats until all grooves are finished.
A type holding pin seats on a taper and prevents the notched type from falling out.
A similar process is used in other materials such as paper to create a low cost packing paper with better supportive properties than flat paper alone.30.0125 (0.32).0120 (0.30).0157 (0.40).013 (0.33).0100 (0.25).By choosing the proper capacity, the use of blank spacers to fill voids can be minimized.A stamping press is used for high numbers in production.Since the depth of the V-shaped groove is 1/2 plate thickness, it can save half of the bending force.Archived from the original on Retrieved impson, Pamela.Tool holder to the left means to move the tool holder to the left in manual mode, and the movement speed is set in system parameters.

Spinning is used to make rocket motor casings, missile nose cones, satellite dishes and metal kitchen funnels.
When this position is greater than.8mm, the tool holder will not move.