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J., "cloves syndrome with thoracic and central phlebectasia: increased risk of pulmonary embolism The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, vol.
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To learn more, view our.Gucev Z S, Tasic V, Jancevska A, Konstantinova M K, Pop-Jordanova N, Trajkovski Z, et ngenital lipomatous overgrowth, vascular malformations, and epidermal nevi (clove) philip greenman principles of manual medicine syndrome:CNS malformations and seizures may be a component of this disorder.Some are also associated with seizures or central nervous system malformations like hemimegalencephaly.This recent delineation distinguishes it from Proteus.Keywords : Cloves syndrome, Truncal lipomatosis, vascular malformation, tethered cord.Abstract: "cloves" stands for Congenital Lipomatous Overgrowth, Vascular malformations, Epidermal naevi, Spinal or Skeletal anomalies.The features of this syndrome include truncal lipomatous lesions, cutaneous naevi, vascular anomalies (typically truncal) and spinal anomalies like Scoliosis or skeletal anomalies like limb overgrowth, widened first interdigital space, overgrowth of digits etc.

I, "Characterization of a distinct syndrome that associates complex truncal overgrowth, vascular, and acral anomalies: a descriptive study of 18 cases of cloves syndrome Clinical Dysmorphology, vol.
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Cloves Syndrome is extremely rare,non hereditary, progressive overgrowth disorder, with about 100 cases reported worldwide.
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