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Crack wpa gpu backtrack

Stop airodump-ng and run it again, writing all packets to disk : airodump-ng mon0 -channel 10 -bssid 00:19:5B:52:AD:F7 -w /tmp/wpa2.
For me my AMD R( is 4096mb.
John the Ripper just running brute force ran for 9 days with no success.
But would need to convert the.cap file into.hccap via the oclHashcat conversion page and it comes back in a download.hccap file.
Form this point forward, you do not need to be anywhere near the wireless network.Unfortunately, there is no way to answer this question with any degree of accuracy. .When this occurs, it is possible to capture the 2-way handshake.There are many methods to do this and the amount of time required depends on the system used and the method.It flys through small lists, You can make a list.

Once airodump-ng is busy, Pop up another terminal and send deauthentication packets towards the desired access point and connected device so it will disconnect and have to reconnect to the AP and capture the 4 way handshake with aireplay-ng, You can also just leave airodump-ng.
I would suggest to test for a WPS/Wifi Protected Setup' using Reaver and more recently the Pixie-dust method as it can effectively crunch the 11,000 WPS pins and extract the WPA pre shared key a lot faster than a complex WPA/WPA2 password.
Using the GPU on most modern graphics cards with such tools as oclhashcat and cudahashcat will speed up the process a great deal.Step 4: oclHashcat with a Wordlist oclhashcat -m 2500 /root/handshake.In fact, I would suggest to walk away and find yourself a cosy place where you can live, eat, sleep, etc.The tool Hashcat has been around for sometime and is CPU based, oclHashcat makes use of modern GPU processors and makes use of its physics abilities to crack most modern encrypted user/pass hashes.The success of cracking the WPA2 PSK key is directly linked to the strength of your password file.I had to crack this password for my CPT exam.The oclHashcat website has some more in depth.info.Never do onto others.In short WPA and WPA2 both have a maximum of 256bit encrypted with a maximum of 64 characters in the password.All cracking will happen offline, so you can stop airodump and other processes and even walk away from the.This can easily be done with other hashes MD5 etc.?#?:oclhashcat?The hashcat tool set can be used in linux or windows.Najwiksz zmian jest moliwo amania dugich hase (a do 256 znaków równie takich uzupenionych o dugie sole.Poor practice will get you caught, always remember this. .

Another thing to keep in mind about wordlists, Not all wordlists you find online will be created for WPA/WPA2 as they need to start a 8 characters in length.
Any help would be appreciated!
The thing is, I'm not a really big fan of password dictionaries and rainbow tables, I'd rather like to go with a bruteforce method.