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Chauvet obey 70 universal dmx controller manual

Pros: Easy Setup, we needed a simple DMX controller for a six rgbw LED fixtures to be used in our Multi-Purpose Room at church.
This is fine for everyday Sunday services as we can store the most used scenes.
For a live program however, the controller is not as easy to tweak during a performance.
It takes an experienced operator with a good knowledge of using this console to navigate it quickly.
Once you understand the way to program the controller, it is easy to setup.The controller seemed like a good size for our uses.Once setup, volunteer users can simply press the scene buttons for preprogrammed light settings.Obey 70 User Manual, rev.The, obey 70 can store up to 6 sets of chases containing 240 scenes on 384 total channels of control.Universal DMX controller capable of handling all the complexities of today s lighting fixtures.Also at your fingertips.Obey 70 User Manual.Chauvet, dJ, obey 70 Universal DMX -512, controller, lED, light.I can take manual control of my Intimidator 150 Spot LEDs with the joystick and.Chauvet, dJ, obey 70 Universal DMX -512 Controller LED Light Controllers.

#2 - Next select the menu item "File New." and create a new IntelliGolf database with name something like "b".
Universal DMX controller capable of handling all the complexities of today s lighting.
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