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Step 5: Print the the score, the orchestra, and the conductor gustav meier.pdf temporary Array to see the result step 6: Stop C software lab - 24 - MCA05.
Else split num as ones and tenss digit repeat the step.a and.c Step 7 : apowersoft screen recorder crackeado Add to the output a thousand Step 8 : Extract the digits in hundreds the number by 1000 to a variable nnum Step 9 : Extract the left.
Step 14 : Stop.
While(cgetw(fp2)!EOF) printf dt c printf nnContents of file 'odd n while(cgetw(fp3)!EOF) printf dt c getch C software lab - 72 - MCA05.
18CPL17/27 C Programming Lab btlit CSE P a g e 3 file into object file and generates executable file as Sample.Generally, compiler performs two things, first it verifies the program errors, if errors are found, it returns list of errors otherwise it converts the complete code into low level language.18CPL17/27 C Programming Lab btlit CSE P a g e 15 Program 11: part-B Develop a program to sort the given set of N numbers using Bubble sort.Step 11 : Extract the right most digits by division of the number by 100 to a variable nunum.

C (Use shortcut key F2 to save).
Every c program source file is saved with.c extension, for example Sample.
Part A Procedure Execution Viva Marks.
Write iterative and wherever possible recursive programs.
Avg t /.0 ; mean compute( s,n printf nBelow Average Studentsn printf nRoll.H void main int a,b; int ch; do clrscr printf nnnnnnn printf ttttcalculatornnnn printf ditionn printf bstractionn printf ltiplicationn printf ttt4.Divisionn printf ttt5.Exit printf nnntttEnter U'r choice scanf d ch if(ch 5) printf ntttEnter two values scanf d d a, b else exit(0 switch(ch) case.If there are errors, correct the errors and recompile the program.If there are no errors, then press Ctrl F9 to execute / run the program.2 Date: AIM : TO find THE amstrong number among THE given numbers algorithm : Step1: Start Step2: Accept a Number Step3: Assign the number to another variable Step4: Check whether the no is greater than Zero go to step 8 Step5: Extract the last.

H int main int n, rev 0, num; do printf nEnter an Positive Integer Number( 2 digits scanf d n while (n 10 num n; while (n!
18CPL17/27 C Programming Lab btlit CSE P a g e 20 Program 2 : PARevelop a program to solve simple computational problems using arithmetic expressions and use of each operator leading to simulation of a commercial calculator.