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If you are running standalone ColdFusion MX, you can edit your URL prefix with the appropriate port number.
If you specify SQL reserved words for column names when adding recordsets or server behaviors to your page, Dreamweaver adds"s around the reserved words in the SQL statement to ensure the code doesn't break.
Click the plus button in the Components panel.
Tabbed panels that can be rearranged now offset like pages of a book as you switch between tabs.The default proxy reader for JSP document types is the Java Class Reader.For a list of reserved words, see the Microsoft website ( ).RDS File Browsing does not support high-ascii or double-byte character sets.This only needs to be done once.Here's a link to this great service.Select the proxy reader you want to use from the pop-up menu.It will append your local root folder path to the end the ColdFusion MX URL prefix.Notices, Terms, Conditions, and Attribution This software may contain third-party software which requires notices and/or additional terms and conditions.

The same dialog box and procedure applies to JSP document types as well.
Otherwise, replace the testing server path with the actual path of your testing server.
This means that movies made with Flash MX will play in the Dreamweaver document window.
Dreamweaver MX offers new and improved server behaviors.Macromedia Dreamweaver.0 serial number.The dynamic menu action pave leveling patch and dynamic radio buttons generated by the Update Server object incorrectly append a semicolon.When you attempt to drag a tab, an alert dialog reminds you to use the context menu or panel Options menu to move tabbed panels between panel groups.ColdFusion Helpful Information and Known Issues Easy ColdFusion MX setup will work only if you have a ColdFusion server and choose the Edit and Test Locally option in the Site Setup Wizard.If you choose any of the other options, you will not be able to take advantage of the Easy ColdFusion MX setup functionality.Enter a parameter name in the Name text box.However, if you create new instances of that template in Dreamweaver MX, the new instances won't work in Dreamweaver 4/UltraDev4.There are known issues using Dreamweaver MX on a system that has Zone Labs ZoneAlarm.Dreamweaver MX requires Display to be set to Thousands of Colors or better on Macintosh.Helpful Information and Known Issues, on some systems, upon the first launch of the Dreamweaver MX Trial, you may get the following error message: Privilege: Failed to initialize, privilege (87) for: drmet.When you add server behaviors to T pages, Dreamweaver automatically includes the Register directive when needed.To use the ColdFusion debugger, you must have Microsoft Internet Explorer.1 or later on your system.